Eddie's Roasted Pork ( Pernil Asado estilo Eddie)

Roasted Pork is served with Spanish rice with Pigeon Peas with a salad or Pickled Green Bananas.


A: ½ cup of Adobo Criollo Seasoning, 2 small packets of Sa-són Accent, one table spoon of grounded black pepper, 3 table spoons Worcestershire Sauce. (Adobo Criollo Seasoning, is a mixture of salt, powdered onions and powdered garlic.)

B:  One pig's thigh.  

1.   Take the pig's thigh and thaw it out completely, this may take a day or so in the bottom part of your refrigerator.  Cut the outer skin of the thigh lose almost completely, but not completely from the meat, make sure you leave it on the meat, cut the skin from the meat  just enough to be able to place the ingredients from above (A:) inside in-between the skin and the meat, leave strains of fat holding the skin and meat together.  You may also take of the skin completely to roast it apart to have a crispier skin.  Beware when roasting the skin apart with the thigh, the skin will cook before the thigh is cooked, so check the skin after a few hours.  You may also cut deep into the meat to get the seasoning inside the meat, this I do recommend, it gives all the meat a great taste.  

2.  Put a light coating of Worcestershire Sauce in-between the meat and the skin or if you cooking with the skin off give it a coat all over the meat and inside the deep cuts , then place a good coating of the rest of the above ingredients (A:) inside in-between the skin, inside the deep cuts and the outer meat.  Note: Always use the Worcestershire sauce lightly,  it has a strong flavor.  Next take a large sharp knife and make about 4 to 6 cuts on top and on the sides of the pig's thigh, cut  through the skin and meat about 4 to 5 inches long about 4 inches deep, season these cuts with the above ingredients mentioned above (A:) again.   (If the thigh is big you might have to use more of the ingredients (A:) and make a few more cuts to season the meat deep inside.)   Once this is done, put a nice coating of the ingredients on top of the skin and all around the outer side.  Do not worry about placing too much ingredients on the outside, most of it will fall off when being cooked.

3.  Place the seasoned thigh in the bottom part of the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, over night would be better to absorb the taste of the ingredients

4.  Place in a preheated oven at 350º, for about 3 hours or until the outer skin is very crisp.  Cut pieces of meat in slices and place a piece of crisp skin on top and serve.

So far everyone that has tried it this way has loved the taste

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